Ginny Miller CNM

Ginny Miller


“I have spent my life trying to simply change our approach from a mother being delivered to a mother giving birth.” - KITTY ERNST

When I began working in this profession in 1979, there were no epidurals; fetal monitors were new and ultrasound was an emergent science. When a person had their baby in most hospitals, they were given spinals for delivery, which often involved forceps and almost always an episiotomy. Babies were then taken to a nursery and separated from their parents.

I have lived through the slow evolution to a somewhat more empathetic and caring view of birthing families. But, overall, birth in this culture is still very much controlled by the economics and industrialization of birth by insurance companies and professional medical groups.


My goal after working for decades in various locations for birth, from homes to birth centers in hospitals to tertiary care systems, was to create a safe space for care where midwives provide a model that is as independent as possible.

I love being a provider of care for individuals experiencing their lives from adolescence to post menopause. I enjoy listening to all the different stories and situations and hope to help ease these many life’s transitions by offering time and compassionate listening as well as knowledge. Each person has their own history and view of life that needs to be respected and honored.

The birth center has been a dream/goal of mine for many years in the making. It was able to be created with the accumulation of kindness, support, generosity of friends, family and neighbors, and the hard work of many people that valued this goal.

It is my desire to continue having a presence in this center as it evolves from a new entity into a solid known option in this part of the world.

A bit more about me...

I live with my patient, long suffering ( ask any partner of a working midwife ) husband. My two children are successfully flown and living in different parts of the country.

I knit, read books and ride my bike when I am not catching up on sleep……


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