Kelly Ostrowski CNM

Kelly Ostrowski


Hello! I am overjoyed to be joining the Seven Sisters Team. As a midwife with experience in birth centers, community hospitals, and tertiary care centers in several different states, I have observed and participated in different systems and ways of delivering care. Through the years, my experience has just reaffirmed what I already knew: I am passionate about and belong in out-of-hospital care and birth.

I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, traveling around the United States playing soccer and strengthening family connections spread across the US —SC, MA, VA, WA, etc. I attended Mount Holyoke College where I majored in Russian and Eurasian Studies, minored in Gender Studies, and graduated early, impatient to start my midwifery education, which I completed in 2016. MHC taught me the true value of sisterhood and companionship. I am grateful for my travels and the connections made across countries, cultures, and languages.

The normalization of birth and support for the innate ability and power of our bodies- pregnant or not, is a core value of my care. I understand the trust that families place in their providers. My family placed that trust in the Seven Sisters Team a year ago when our first child was born at Seven Sisters. We had a near perfect experience. Our needs were heard, valued, and respected. I am thrilled to be able to bring my family’s experience to other individuals and families.


I absolutely LOVE being a midwife. Midwifery for me is really a way of life, rather than a job. My philosophy rests on a welcoming approach that appreciates evidence-based, relationship-centered care. Educating, discussing, and empowering, taking the time and finding the space to provide an open and calm environment, building trust and confidence where there may be little, answering questions, quelling fears, seeing individuals as more than patients, using shared decision making, supporting choice, and understanding that our interactions impact lives and memories.

A bit more about me...

When I am not midwifing, I enjoy spending time with my kiddo and my partner Tyler, and our hound dog exploring the outdoors, camping, hiking, visiting family and friends across the US, traveling to new places and countries, and hanging in our garage as Tyler grows his fabrication business.


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