comprehensive sexual + reproductive health care

Gynecologic + Contraception Care

At Seven Sisters we believe that midwifery care should be accessible to all, regardless of whether or not pregnancy is a part of your journey.

We offer comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care across the lifespan, starting from even before a young person gets their first menstrual period, and continuing until long after menopause has occurred.

During your visits with one of our midwives, you will have ample time to share your health history, concerns, and priorities. Our midwives partner with you to create a unique plan of care to meet your specific needs. We are able to independently prescribe medications, order lab work, and arrange for imaging such as mammography or ultrasound as needed.

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"Everyone is so kind and the environment is so comfortable. I loved seeing the midwives, I felt understood and cared for, and I felt informed every step of the way. They all are educated so well and I’m very happy with my decision to transfer my care to them."

"I felt very cared for! Loved the non-clinical environment."

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Well Person Care

Our midwives provide routine well person and preventative care, including cervical cancer (“pap”) screenings, breast/chest health and exams, and mental health. We love building relationships with our clients year after year, checking in with you at your regular “annual” visits, as well as scheduling any additional visits as issues or new transitions in your sexual or reproductive health needs arise.

Waves in ocean representing Contraception Family Planning with Midwives

Contraception & Family Planning

We support you in avoiding pregnancy or planning pregnancy spacing through whatever methods you choose. We are comfortable helping you with natural family planning and fertility awareness based methods, as well as providing contraception that requires a prescription, such as the birth control pill, IUD, or Nexplanon implant.

Pomegrantes growing on the tree representing Gynecologic Care and Sexual Wellbeing care with midwives