Meet the Seven Sisters Team

As midwives and allied providers, our calling is to assist individuals and new families to grow and thrive, meeting their personal wishes for health and wellness. We are committed to shared-decision making, evidence-informed care and nurturing the whole person. Each of us endeavors to treat the people we care for as humans first – we are ever conscious of the fact that the people we care for share our community; they are friends and neighbors and never just “patients." 

Whether you are currently pregnant and looking to work with people who can guide you and support your vision for your birth; you are seeking care around reproductive and sexual health from teens to post-menopause; or you are in need of lactation/ infant feeding support, fertility services or physical therapy, our team is here to provide you with care that is personal and unique to your needs.

Meet Our Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM)

Ginny Miller, CNM

Owner & Clinical Director

“I have spent my life trying to simply change our approach from a mother being delivered to a mother giving birth.” Kitty Ernst

Kirsten Kowalski, CNM, WNHP

Beloved FounDIng Co-Owner
Resting In peace

"From one to two. Birth produces two people. The first, a flailing soul struggles to take in a new world, a new way of being as it draws breath against the unknown. The second, a baby." Bummi Laditan

Kelly Ostrowski, CNM

Staff Midwife

The normalization of birth and support for the innate ability and power of our bodies- pregnant or not, is a core value of my care. I understand the trust that families place in their providers. My family placed that trust in the Seven Sisters Team a year ago when our first child was born at Seven Sisters. We had a near perfect experience. Our needs were heard, valued, and respected. I am thrilled to be able to bring my family’s experience to other individuals and families.

Shoshana Sanders, CNM

Staff Midwife

My midwifery philosophy is centered upon compassion, deep listening, collaboration, education, and evidenced based care that honors all the ways our bodies show up for us from adolescence through menopause. I believe in the power, beauty, and normalcy of birth. I believe in our bodies to do what they have been designed to do, and I believe in the transformative power of birth when people are given space, time, and encouragement to push themselves to do hard and amazing things.

Danielle Warneau, CNM, WNHP

Staff Midwife

Hi there, my name is Danielle Warneau (she/her) and I am a certified nurse-midwife and sexual & reproductive health nurse practitioner. One of my favorite things about being a midwife is being able to really get to know the people I take care of, and provide true well-person care across the lifespan from adolescence through our crone years. I look forward to partnering with you in midwifery care that is trauma-informed, grounded in informed consent, and exercises power-with instead of power-over.

Our specialists

Lex Beach, IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Clinical Social Worker

Coming soon!

Our support staff

Katie Rubinstein Seven Sisters

Katie Rubinstein

Practice Manager
Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell

Practice Administrator & Care Coordinator

Seven Sisters Team Member (1)

Rebecca Leung

Business Manager 

Our Nurses, Birth Assistants and Educators

Kristin Burke RN

Kristin Burke, RN

Clinical Care Coordinator
Nicole DaCampo RN WHNP

Nicole DaCampo, RN, WHNP

Facility coordinator
Bekah Sawyer RN

Bekah Sawyer, RN

Lead Clinical Coordinator
Kristin Brennan CPM CBE

Kristin Brennan, CPM, CBE

Childbirth Education
Jessica Bernard RN

Jessica Bernard, RN

Jharna Ahmai RN

Jharna Harvey Ahmai, RN

Seven Sisters Team Member (1)

Jami Leits, RN

Jen Welch RN

Jen Welch, RN